Mari is an absolute joy to have at DuJardin. Mari comes into school each day with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and a readiness to face whatever the day may hold. She greets every task, assignment, or challenge with a ferocious determination and views everything as an opportunity for growth and new learning. She consistently upholds all 6 pillars of Character and goes above and beyond to make our school a better place. She greets everyone she passes with a bright smile and a warm greeting. She asks everyone, students and staff members alike, how they're doing, and is genuinely interested in the answer. She remembers personal details about each person she encounters, and is a dedicated friend to many peers. She is well-known around the building due to her polite manners, kind heart, and caring soul. She is always offering help to anyone who looks like they may need it, and our staff is constantly wishing that we could hire her as a parapro next year, instead of sending her off to Westfield. Mari puts her full effort into everything she does, and is just as dedicated to her school work as she is to helping others. She is an incredible member of our DuJardin family, and we can't think of anyone who deserves this award more than she does.