May 2022 Staff Exemplar

  • Mrs. Harsila was hired by the District in January of 2015.
  • Mrs. Harsila has been a part of the DuJardin community as a paraprofessional and teacher for the past 8 years. Ashley was a paraprofessional for 5 years and a classroom teacher for the past 3 years.  
  • Ashley is everything you could ask for in a teacher. Ashley plans engaging lessons, establishes a classroom environment that fosters community, collaboration, and care, uses creative and unique teaching techniques to make learning fun, and partners with parents to ensure success for students.  
  • Besides fostering a wonderful classroom environment, Mrs. Harsila seeks out additional opportunities to have a greater impact on the DuJardin community.
  • Ashley is the teacher representative for the DuJardin Parent-Teacher Organization. If she is not communicating with staff about lessons or creative approaches to teaching, Ashley is sharing emails about all the fun events provided by the PTO.
  • If you have been at DuJardin for any period of time, you will know that Character Counts! and Mrs. Harsila go hand-in-hand with each other. Mrs. Harsila, along with two other staff members lead the Kids of Character club. This club helps students understand the importance of living a life of character through service and involvement. 
  • If all the above is not enough, Mrs. Harsila is also an active member of the School Improvement Team and Standards Based Grading and Reporting.